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This blog is where I post all my practice shots. I especially enjoy macro nature photography. Everything in God's creation is so beautiful and I praise Him for it.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

.Spring Photography.

for Summer Awaits Blog Party Activity # 2.

Hope you enjoyed these! 


Daija Pierce in Sitka ALASKA said...

Nice pictures!
The one of you standing by the trees I think is pretty.
God bless,

Megan said...

those are great hannah!!!! :)


Cora Beth said...

I enjoyed them!
Those/that flowers/Flaugher are/is beautiful. :)

*Flower Girl* said...

Thanks Girls!

Cora! You are funny :) I had to read your comment a couple times to figure it out :)
Thanks :)
~Hannah <--O

Jessica said...

Very pretty pictures! :D

Beautiful picture of you standing by the tree! May I save it?
I want to put in my "friends-file" on my PC. :D

in Christ

Christine said...

I like the last picture...your tie dyed find is growing on me... you even look nice is Pink Splash- amazing!