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This blog is where I post all my practice shots. I especially enjoy macro nature photography. Everything in God's creation is so beautiful and I praise Him for it.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Hannah is Having a Photography Contest!!

Miss Hannah from Find That Creative Spark is having a photography contest!
The category is Water/Steams. That is perfect for me living in the Great Lakes State and up north too where the most beautiful part of Michigan is!
I had a tough time deciding what to enter. I can enter 3 photos, and can only edit one thing. Isn't that a fun twist to a contest? Usually it's don't edit or edit all you want! I don't think adding my watermark is an edit is it?
Here are my three pictures for the contest. . .

The above three were either not edited or only edited once.
I really hope you really like them Hannah :)
This is what I would LOVE to enter but I edited two things on it so I can't :)
But please enjoy it anyways!

I would like to encourage ALL of you to enter her contest. You don't have to be a photographer to enter. I don't consider myself one, I just LOVE taking pictures. So if you love taking pictures do enter!
Go here:
 Find That Creative Spark
The more the merrier- right?


Hannah said...

Thanks for entering!

*Flower Girl* said...

I'm happy to!
I just hope some of my blogger friends enter also to make it all the more fun for everyone!!

Cora said...

Girl, you're a photographer. Those are spectacular! :-D

About the Shibori I posted, I learned it last year and now teach it at a local college. It doesn't take much talent - just patience. That one cloth took over a week to tie up (and then 10 minutes to untie it). Shibori is so much fun. :)


Jessica said...

LOVE the lake pictures, so beautiful!! Looking at the photos makes me wanna swim. LOL :D
I think you're a really good photographer! :D

Good luck

Mary said...

Oh, Hannah! I can't decide which picture I like better. I love, love, love the first on!!! And I also love the clearness of the water and seeing the rocks on the third one! But, they all look nice! Good luck!

Lacy said...

Wow, Hannah! Great shots! I love all of them! =D
I like the edits you did on that last one, too.

~ Lacy
@ Lacy Self Photography

*Flower Girl* said...

Thanks :)
Shibori sounds VERY interesting to me. . . maybe I'll research it some. . .

Thanks :)
Makes me wanna to swim also :) Do you have lakes or any swimming areas near you?

Thanks much! Maybe you could enter too. . . if you want to even thought you don't have a blog I think maybe you could email some pictures to her :)

Thanks :)
Yeah I like the last one too, because it is a silhouette. No one would ever know that used to be a really bright photo :) Are you going to enter the contest?

Mary said...


That's a good idea. I'll have to think it over and discuss it with my parents! Good luck with the photos!!

Jessica said...

We have rivers/lakes/streams here but it's quite away from where I stay. But everybody here just about has a swimming pool - but my family & I don't have a pool on our property nor does the house we're moving to soon. :(

I've actually never swam in a lake/stream before, must be fun though! :D