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This blog is where I post all my practice shots. I especially enjoy macro nature photography. Everything in God's creation is so beautiful and I praise Him for it.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Photography Contest

Miss Johanna is having a photography contest on her blog.
It ends on the 15th, so if you want to enter you better!
Here are my five pictures Johanna!

The peach blossom. . . I got 50-50 on the poll but I voted for this one. 
1). A photographer friend said it was more in focus as did some others.
2). My beekeeper brother noticed this blossom was not pollinated yet which made for a nicer looking photo! 

An interesting view of creation. . . I love the pollen on the bee :) 

My sweet nephew is in the next two pictures. He has got on the front page of a newspaper- why not win a contest too? He's cute enough- isn't he? I think so.

Who doesn't like purple flowers?

One of the rules was NO EDITING. 
I can honestly tell you there is none of that in any way shape or form in any of the above photos!
Hope you enjoyed them! I really hope Johanna did too :)

~Hannah "Flower"~
(for those of you who know me better know what I'm talking about :) 


Samantha said...

Lovely pictures! I especially like the one of the close up bee. =)


Sereina said...

I love the first one!

Johanna said...

Oh, yes Miss Flower, I know!!! ;) What beautiful pix!! Thanks for entering!

In Christ,


Lacy said...

I just posted my photo entries for the contest, too!

You're pictures are great! The first and 4th are my favorites! =D

~ Lacy

Jessica said...

Great pictures! I don't really like bees, but that is a very nice picture of it!

Your nephew looks so cute with that garland of flowers on his head! :D

in Christ
P.S purple is my 4th favourite colour. :D

Trusting in Jesus said...

Your sweet nephew is most deffinatly cute enough to win a contest! But you don't have to be cute to be on the front page of a newspaper. I mean, I'VE made the front page of quite a few newspapers XD. =D Case in point... =D lolz, Ily, dear friend!
~ Jesus' blessings on you! ~
=D =D Your BFF!! =D =D