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This blog is where I post all my practice shots. I especially enjoy macro nature photography. Everything in God's creation is so beautiful and I praise Him for it.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

.macro friday.

I was so excited to find out that I won last weeks macro friday contest! I have been having alot of fun looking at everyone's entries for this week and can't wait to pick a winner!!

I took alot of macro photos this week... I was just really in the mood for it :) haha!

So, with so many I was having a hard time picking one for this week. I decided to post the one below since it is different than the others I entered before.


Ashley Sisk said...

What an interesting perspective. Very different and I love it!

Mommy2Four said...

Very cool! I love it when someone take a macro shot of something other than a flower or a bug!

Love it!

Mom of M&Ms said...

I love the shot!! and congrats on your win..So well deserved. Great job this week as well

jeffkny said...

It looks like an eyehook or chain link stuck in a tree. Am I right? Definitely not a bug or a flower! Nice shot.

Laura said...

very creative subject! I like it!! Great capture of detail and texture.

carlotta said...

congratulations on winning last week! love this photo.
i've been looking around your blog...your photography is wonderful!