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This blog is where I post all my practice shots. I especially enjoy macro nature photography. Everything in God's creation is so beautiful and I praise Him for it.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

."i'm a guy" (with a d).

I was talking with my nephew one day and I said
"Did you know you are my own special little boy?"
"No!" He says.
"Why not? What are you then?" I ask.
"I'm a duy"
"You're a guy?"
"Then, are you my own special little guy?"
"Yeah. . ."

My little guy was down visiting his Dad's parents for two weeks. I missed him, but our time together when they came back was very enjoyable!

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Yours Truly,


J.H said...

He is really cute :-)))

Meghan and Molly said...

Gorgeous photos Hannah (: